Let THE Season Begin!


The parties of the season have officially begun! What season you ask? Well wedding season of course!

One of the blessings (realities) of being a twenty-something is everyone is getting married. Scratch that, not EVERYONE is getting married. I am not. I am no where close, but I can write about that later.

Anyway today is the bridal shower for one of my dearest friends. I am so excited about her wedding (it’s Star Wars+fiesta themed—it’s gonna be crazy). I know a lot of people think that the showers and parties are just a way for the bride and groom to get some awesome loot…. And in a way they are. But I love love love them!

To me showers are a way I get to shower the bride, my friend, with love. And the easiest way for me to show love is by giving gifts! I always go crazy with gift giving. I love when people register for gifts too. Now I know she needs// wants what I’m giving her.

Lanay’s wedding is a month away and I’m no where near prepared. I still have to invite, plan and throw her another shower and the bachelorette party. Did I mention I’m the maid of honor? While I love giving gifts, I am quite awful at the execution of throwing parties. I mean I can plan for days, but the actual throwing and hosting of them is what I fail at.

BUT I am determined to make these awesome. So in a few more weeks expect another shower post, the. A bachelorette post, then the epic wedding post!

I just read this post and realized I used a lot of exclamation marks. But when I thought about editing them out, I just couldn’t. I really am that excited about this shower, this wedding and the marriage of two great friends.

Also I am pretty hyped up on caffeine (mixed with little sleep) and that could explain the random post, the exclamations and why I went a little overboard on the gifts.


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