Life After College?!

Life after college is ridiculous. I mean who really gets a job right after they graduate (besides all you engineers and teachers and accountants and stuff)?

Anyways during all this free time I have since I don’t have a career yet (no worries I’m still a productive member of society- I manage a clothing store) I made a list of things you can do post-graduation:

– travel
– work retail
– live with mom and dad
– go to graduate school
– travel
– hang out with friends in the same boat
– online shop
– become a regular a several coffee shops
– Skype with friends in far away places
– bake
– take up a hobby (card making)
– revisit old hobbies (horseback riding)
– think about applying for big girl jobs
– find big girl jobs online
– deem making a resume too daunting
– make resume
– …
– visit your favorite coffee shop
– chat with friends about applying for big girl jobs
– make lists about what life has become
-move out
– actually apply for a job
– pray







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