Currently| Day 9

It is day 9 of the 10 day road trip.

My roadtrip buddy and I have pretty much gotten along (pretty) swimmingly. Several times I have acted like a crazed lunatic.

Example: when driving in a new city I like to know the directions ahead of time. Like Siri tells you the next direction, but I like whoever is in the passenger seat to tell me the next next direction. Is this too much to ask?

When this doesn’t happened sometimes I yell expletives at other drivers, hoping the passenger gets the hint to tell me the next next direction the next time we go someplace new.

I am so ready for the roadtrip to be over. I am so ready to not be around people/ someone 24/7. I am ready for own bed. My own dog. My own schedule. My own shower.

I also am reallllllllly ready to just sit and people watch in my fave coffee shop with no concern about someone else’s schedule. The lesson for today is I am ready to be a little bit selfish again. I am ready to focus on myself. I ready to begin the job-hunt.




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