Let THE Season Begin!


The parties of the season have officially begun! What season you ask? Well wedding season of course!

One of the blessings (realities) of being a twenty-something is everyone is getting married. Scratch that, not EVERYONE is getting married. I am not. I am no where close, but I can write about that later.

Anyway today is the bridal shower for one of my dearest friends. I am so excited about her wedding (it’s Star Wars+fiesta themed—it’s gonna be crazy). I know a lot of people think that the showers and parties are just a way for the bride and groom to get some awesome loot…. And in a way they are. But I love love love them!

To me showers are a way I get to shower the bride, my friend, with love. And the easiest way for me to show love is by giving gifts! I always go crazy with gift giving. I love when people register for gifts too. Now I know she needs// wants what I’m giving her.

Lanay’s wedding is a month away and I’m no where near prepared. I still have to invite, plan and throw her another shower and the bachelorette party. Did I mention I’m the maid of honor? While I love giving gifts, I am quite awful at the execution of throwing parties. I mean I can plan for days, but the actual throwing and hosting of them is what I fail at.

BUT I am determined to make these awesome. So in a few more weeks expect another shower post, the. A bachelorette post, then the epic wedding post!

I just read this post and realized I used a lot of exclamation marks. But when I thought about editing them out, I just couldn’t. I really am that excited about this shower, this wedding and the marriage of two great friends.

Also I am pretty hyped up on caffeine (mixed with little sleep) and that could explain the random post, the exclamations and why I went a little overboard on the gifts.


Life After College?!

Life after college is ridiculous. I mean who really gets a job right after they graduate (besides all you engineers and teachers and accountants and stuff)?

Anyways during all this free time I have since I don’t have a career yet (no worries I’m still a productive member of society- I manage a clothing store) I made a list of things you can do post-graduation:

– travel
– work retail
– live with mom and dad
– go to graduate school
– travel
– hang out with friends in the same boat
– online shop
– become a regular a several coffee shops
– Skype with friends in far away places
– bake
– take up a hobby (card making)
– revisit old hobbies (horseback riding)
– think about applying for big girl jobs
– find big girl jobs online
– deem making a resume too daunting
– make resume
– …
– visit your favorite coffee shop
– chat with friends about applying for big girl jobs
– make lists about what life has become
-move out
– actually apply for a job
– pray






Currently| Day 9

It is day 9 of the 10 day road trip.

My roadtrip buddy and I have pretty much gotten along (pretty) swimmingly. Several times I have acted like a crazed lunatic.

Example: when driving in a new city I like to know the directions ahead of time. Like Siri tells you the next direction, but I like whoever is in the passenger seat to tell me the next next direction. Is this too much to ask?

When this doesn’t happened sometimes I yell expletives at other drivers, hoping the passenger gets the hint to tell me the next next direction the next time we go someplace new.

I am so ready for the roadtrip to be over. I am so ready to not be around people/ someone 24/7. I am ready for own bed. My own dog. My own schedule. My own shower.

I also am reallllllllly ready to just sit and people watch in my fave coffee shop with no concern about someone else’s schedule. The lesson for today is I am ready to be a little bit selfish again. I am ready to focus on myself. I ready to begin the job-hunt.



Currently| Roadtrips

5 states, 10 days, no set plans.

For the type-A planner in me this would be the ultimate test.

It didn’t last long, I couldn’t not have plans so I decided on a route:


God had other plans and my roadtrip buddy and I got snowed in Fort Collins for a few extra days. So we mixed the idea of driving through more snow to get to Yellowstone national park and just go to the sun of Moab. My trip of indecisiveness and adventures turned plans and maps turned back into a trip of wherever the road and weather would take us. We’re only a few days away from returning to Albuquerque but so far this trip is one for the books.