And I’m Back

I recently took an unexpected break from most technology (minus twitter…sometimes a girl’s just gotta tweet). Weddings, house-sitting, hospitals,work, travels and sleeping really distracted me from writing (but not stopping me from buying several new journals…). Also my beloved Blackberry died. It was a hard day for me to finally admit I needed a new phone (it actually took months of having a dead phone to realize that Samwise the Blackberry was not coming back), and it was an even more difficult day to switch from Blackberry to the iPhone.

BUT OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THE iPHONE 5. Like LOVE IT. Also I’m now on Instagram, so that’s cool.

I might do like a insta post weekly? bi-weekly? who knows. one of my 2013 goals is to post on this at least every other week. We’ll see. I’ve failed before, but the great thing about failing is that it’s an opportunity to try again!


A few photos from one of the weddings this year:

In this photo it looks like I'm going for the bouquet, but I promise I'm not.

Photos from Taylor and Preston's wedding by Tony Gambino!

Kourt and I