Inspiration | Rick Hawthorne

Inspiration doesn’t even begin to describe Rick. I’m so blessed because I’ve had the opportunity to attend vaulting clinics with him a few times, both on the barrel and horse, and also have him warm-me up during Nationals (which unfortunately coincides with my most embarrassing moment). He’s, by far, one of the most intense coaches I’ve ever had.

To watch him coach people who have never been able to walk, but under his guidance can now stand on a horse is AMAZING. Other people are doing similar things with vaulting, and I love it. My favorite might be seeing children who had no body control grasp the handles, swing up to the flag and then take their first steps off when they dismount the horse.

It’s difficult to say, “No, I can’t do this,” when a man with one-arm can. He’s tough, but encouraging. He doesn’t let you give up, he KNOWS you can do it. I think this is what makes him great. For whatever doubt you have in your mind, he’s got more than enough faith for the two of you. His faith and belief makes you believe that it is possible.

Rick is the best, his horses are amazing and his message in inspiring.


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