Days 17-29

So for my excuses on why I didn’t keep up with posting: work, traveling back home, baby nephew, friends, sickness and lack of sleep. BUT I DO HAVE PICTURES! So I won one and lost one battle. Here are the final pics of February:

17| time
18| drink
19| something you hate to do (dance…I know, but I’m terrible at it)
20| handwriting (best raisin bars you’ll ever have)
21| a fave photo of you
22| where you work
23| your shoes (LOVE my PLC- buy shoes, save lives- klash)
24| inside your bathroom cabinet (I don’t really have a cabinet, so I used an old pic of my cabinet last summer)
25| green

26| night (everyone’s a Lobo…even in the dark)
27| something you ate
28| money
29| something you’re listening to (pickleball- it’s 24/7 pickleball at KKi HQ)


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