The Tribe Has Spoken…

I may or may not have been watching Survivor since Season 1 (which started May 31, 2000 and is now on it’s 24th season). Maybe I schedule classes, social engagements, work around the show, maybe I don’t. When I don’t have access to a television, do I wait until 12:01am Thursday morning to watch it online? Perhaps. Does this make me crazy? Who cares. I love it. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Jeff Probst| My old man crush
2. Competition| I don’t care if you say it’s rigged, I LOVE a game where 1 person wins!Also the challenges rock, sometimes I try to see if I could do the challenges. I always think they look easy, but you try holding 25lbs over your head for a few hours and see when your arms give out.
3. Social Game| There’s one winner, but you have to use other people to win. Ahhh I love the social game, you have to play people, but also get them to like you. So good. Lies, deception, manipulation- Survivor is where I get my drama so I don’t have any in my life.
4. Location, location, location| I just about have a mild panic attack when I see the gorgeous places Survivor is at. They get the most amazing photo/video shots. I love it.
5. Silly players| Players make the same mistakes every season, but they still think they’re playing the game originally. I’m still waiting for that one person to make the “big, game changing move,” but I have yet to see an original one in several seasons. I’ll say it again, silly players.


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