California Living

I’ve been living in CA for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say it’s making its way off my least favorite state list. 🙂

Everyone I’ve met has been so friendly. I cannot believe how nice everyone is out here. Maybe it’s just a Southern California thing.

It rains here. Yeah, these past few weekends have been ‘not-so-sunny-california.’

It’s so funny that SoCal people don’t think they have their own lingo. I definitely do not used “stoked” or “rad” on a regular basis, but I probably will start using it more just because of how often I hear it.

Everyone here is GORGEOUS. They all look like stereotypical OC people. I kind of love it, but miss the diversity of UNM’s campus.

The food here is almost all organic or gluten-free it seems. People here seem to eat really healthy, maybe I’ll start riding that wave.

Gas prices, food prices and just everything in general are muy expensivo. No me gusta.

South Coast Plaza has the most ridiculously luxurious stores and the most ridiculously over-dressed people, it also had at least 10 ladies with 10 little dogs in sweaters. Yeah- it’s that kind of mall.

Living here as only re-affirmed that I need to live a simple life in a country where I’m not as tempted to shop until I’m in debt. Where that might be, who knows? But I’m excited for this opportunity to live in California while I have it and look forward to finding out where God places me next!

I love the girls in the house. 8 girls, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms- why don’t we have our own reality show?

I’ll write a real post later, like when with cohesive thoughts and organization, but this is it for today!


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