Another Adventure Ahead!

I’ve been back in NM from Iraq for only 5 months and I’m already getting antsy about not having an overseas adventure planned for the summer.

BUT I am super excited to announce that my traveling itch will be scratched with a move to CA in January!

What’s this you ask? A move? Didn’t you just move into an apartment? CA? Why move when you live in the land of enchantment?

I did just move into an apartment, but my amaaaaazing roommate is encouraging this move. 🙂 She thinks it’s a great opportunity for God to mature me and use me.

What will I do in CA? I’ll be interning at Krochet Kids International until June. I’m going to be learning more about PR and how NGOs use them. Awesome? I think so.

Check KKi out. PLC changed my life forever and made me view ‘non-profits’ in a whole new light. Because of PLC I started out researching KKi to not like them. After 4 hours of research I couldn’t stop smiling about how inspiring this organization is (I hate how I just ended that sentence with the word: is). I HAD TO APPLY FOR THEIR INTERNSHIP. It’s beautiful how they, holistically, want to ‘empower people to rise above poverty.’ Even better, they’re doing it because of the Love of Jesus.

I’ll be living in an intern house, which is pretty much on the beach. While I am sure the CA beaches are not as gorgeous as FL’s panhandle, I’m going to make it a goal to run on them often(ish) and learn to surf (or at least try it once). I hope/ pray it’s as smooth, awesome and fun as Iraq’s intern living situation was. Who knew I would miss living with Courtney family, 6 guys and Lydia? I’m guessing this intern house will have more girls then Iraq’s, so I am going to try my hardest to not judge based on the minimal Facebook stalking I’ve already conducted. 😉 So far they seem pretty easy-going and likable!

SO if you’d like to support me while I’m on my (unpaid) internship, let me know! Prayers are always appreciated. I’ll be blogging the whole time I’m in CA, so stay tuned for this new journey!


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