Giving Gifts That Give

December is here! This means finals, papers, presentations, my birthday, Christmas and ending the year. December is, by far, my favorite month. The good (birthday, Christmas, parties, snow) outweighs the bad (finals, papers, presentations). My goals for the first few weeks of December are to have my term paper for my grad. class completed (0/30 pages done so far) and to finish my Christmas shopping (0 gifts bought so far). Every year I try to give gifts that give. Here are a few of my favorite places to buy gifts that give:

Buy Shoes Save Lives: My dad LOVES riding his motorcycle while wearing the Revolutionary Scarf from BSSL. At first I wasn’t sure about the Lifesaving Tank, but my sister and I each have one and we’ve each discovered so many ways of wearing it (with a cardigan, belt it, make it a razorback). The shirt gets so many compliments…definitely a great gift. I bought my mom the Serenity Candle gift basket from Prosperity Candle (through BSSL). I stole the basket from the set because I liked it so much. 😉

Check out BSSL’s parent site Preemptive Love Coalition. Why? Because they’re saving lives, amazing and I interned in Iraq with them for a few months. Also you can donate right now (CLICK HERE!!!!!) and the government of Iraq will match every dollar you give with $28! THAT IS A DEAL!

Krochet Kids International: My friends loved handmade gifts. I am not so great at making handmade gifts (except the edible kind). Solution: hats made from women in Peru/ Uganda. They’re handmade and the money goes back to the ladies who made it. Economic Cycle Success! The Betty and The Thomas are probably my two faves right now. Also someone should expect the Empower hoodie and Love tee under the tree!

Samaritan’s Purse: Honestly the best gifts I’ve received (besides my adorable dog, Dolce) have been from Samaritan’s Purse. A child’s education, chicks, money for a well, food for a week and basic medicines are all great gifts to give!

The Body Shop: Girls usually get and give a lot of body lotions/ make-up/ bath stuff as gifts. I totally support good hygiene, smelling and looking nice. More than that I support fair trade, human rights and not testing animals for cosmetic purposes. The Body Shop is full of great gifts that support these too! Buy a bag for life from here and the proceeds from some of them go to stop sex trafficking, then fill it with great products that support community trade (which employs people in need of jobs and helps over 500 children in India go to school).

St. Jude: Maybe I love St. Jude because I’ve several friends who have raised money, shaved their heads, donated the money to St. Jude and then donated their hair to kids with cancer. Or maybe I love St. Jude because they NEVER turn a child or family away (even if they can’t pay). Maybe I love them because LOFT loves them. Whatever the reason, every year I donate to them every year. You can also shop for your family and friends if you want something material for your donation!

I am sure there are more great ways to give gifts that give, but these are my holiday favorites!


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