Secrets of My Last Night in Iraq

who doesn’t love a good secret?

Anyone who knows me knows cannot stand when people have a secret and won’t tell me (even though I can keep a secret).

Well I don’t really have any secrets of my last night here. We went to dinner, and ate and ate and ate. After that I packed. Ugh as much fun as packing is I probably bought too much and my bag may be a little over 20 kgs. 😦 fingers crossed I don’t have to pay extra!

I have mixed feelings about leaving iraq. I am so excited to get home, sleep in my bed, hug my family, snuggle with my dog, wear shorts and drive. On the other hand I am so bummed to leave this awesome internship. Will I wake up on Thursday ready to edit blogs (I hope so because I still have some photos to add into some)? Where will o’lydia be? Who will encourage me daily and agree to whatever strange idea I come up with? when I walk into my kitchen or living room where will my new best intern friends be? WHERE!?

Dear NM friends, please be patient with me as I adjust to the States and bring up Iraq every two mins. love you and missed you so much! promise someday I won’t talk about it so much, but for the first few weeks please humor me bring up this life-changing experience all the time.

Dear Family,
I cannot wait to see you at the airport! I’m sorry if I’m a grumpy gills for a few days. blame it on the tiredness of flying for two days. 🙂 I missed you so much!

It’s 1 am here and we leave for istanbul at 1:45pm. craziness

I don’t always remember I’m in iraq, but this summer God has challenged me and I can’t wait to share some of it with all of you!

Please continue praying for the interns and safe travels!


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