Secrets of My Last Night in Iraq

who doesn’t love a good secret?

Anyone who knows me knows cannot stand when people have a secret and won’t tell me (even though I can keep a secret).

Well I don’t really have any secrets of my last night here. We went to dinner, and ate and ate and ate. After that I packed. Ugh as much fun as packing is I probably bought too much and my bag may be a little over 20 kgs. 😦 fingers crossed I don’t have to pay extra!

I have mixed feelings about leaving iraq. I am so excited to get home, sleep in my bed, hug my family, snuggle with my dog, wear shorts and drive. On the other hand I am so bummed to leave this awesome internship. Will I wake up on Thursday ready to edit blogs (I hope so because I still have some photos to add into some)? Where will o’lydia be? Who will encourage me daily and agree to whatever strange idea I come up with? when I walk into my kitchen or living room where will my new best intern friends be? WHERE!?

Dear NM friends, please be patient with me as I adjust to the States and bring up Iraq every two mins. love you and missed you so much! promise someday I won’t talk about it so much, but for the first few weeks please humor me bring up this life-changing experience all the time.

Dear Family,
I cannot wait to see you at the airport! I’m sorry if I’m a grumpy gills for a few days. blame it on the tiredness of flying for two days. 🙂 I missed you so much!

It’s 1 am here and we leave for istanbul at 1:45pm. craziness

I don’t always remember I’m in iraq, but this summer God has challenged me and I can’t wait to share some of it with all of you!

Please continue praying for the interns and safe travels!


Say Cheese(y)

All the baking, asking friends for baked goods, and time were (more than) worth it. I’m having such a great summer. My Savior is so good. He is the King of this city!
This is my room that I share with Lydia (sorry for my messy corner) .
A HUGE hotel they’re ‘building’ in Suly. (The sky was terribly dusty that day.)
The sun, in the dust, at the bazaar.
Cab Club- Stripe Addition
Roquoia, one of the adorable little girls who received surgery in RMVI. (photo credit: Lydia Bullock).
Orange juice= the best.