Why Being In Iraq Is Such A Blessing

If you asked me last year what I thought of Iraq I would have given you an answer based on the war, the images I saw on BBC News, or even the stereotypes of Muslims made out by the television or movies. I wouldn’t have told you about the generosity of the people, the ways close guy friends hold hands walking down the street, or the ridiculous (in the best way possible) amount of tea they drink.

Iraq has taught me to look beyond what people tell me and to search deeper for the truth. I think I’ve always been encouraged to do this (with the Bible, with any beliefs), but being here makes me want to know why I believe things…not just because John Piper or any other incredibly smart person told me to.
Leaving the country means placing everything in God’s control. Not just in the kitchy, “God is in control way, (but really I still holding on to everything just in case) way.” I have no control about what’s happening at home. As much as I would love to be there and pretend like I am control, I am blessed to be here and have no choice but to surrender ALL to God.
and that is the best.
All I can do is pray. All I need to do is pray, to meditate, to focus on Him. Praise Him that being here has taken away all other distractions and enabled me to do this!
The staff of PLC (Jeremy, Jessica, Cody, Michelle, Matt, Cayla, and Awara) and the other interns have each been a huge encouragement to me. They are the type of people we should all have in our lives.
Other people have come into my life here (other Americans, Iranians, Kurds, Arabs) that have all been such interesting people. I get to meet people and hear stories or ways of thinking that I would never had been able to in my own little niche of NM. I get to talk with them about God, to hear what they think, what they believe and be encouraged and worship Him. 🙂
When the people of Iraq greet each other they do so with a plethora of blessings. These blessings range from, “May your womb never close,” to “May your parents remain together and grow old,” or to “God bless you,” and to “God-willing you have a long, prosperous life.”
How do I bless others when I greet/ meet them? Do I?

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