Leah: After Remedy She Still Isn’t Growing

On Thursday (before I went to the super secret cool club) Jess asked me if I wanted to go on a house visit with her. Of course I said ‘yes.’
We were going to visit Leah, a 9-month-old, Downs Syndrome baby who weighs 12 lbs. She can’t sit up, crawl, or even control her neck/ head. Can you imagine that?
I didn’t know what to expect as we drove to her house. It was a short drive where I Jess and I got to know each other better and where I felt I could release some emotion I had been holding in for a day or so. God knew I needed this drive and I am so thankful for this.
We pulled into the parking area and Leah’s mother greeted us, along with Leah’s two older sisters. We sat in the living room and had water, Mountain Dew, and apricots. Jess and Leah’s mom talked. From what I could guess Leah’s mom is really concerned her daughter is not gaining weight or developing correctly. Jess said that Leah has a band around her pulmonary artery because her heart was pumping too much blood into her lungs. She needs surgery to correct it, but is too small to undergo the invasive procedure. After all, she’s already had heart surgery.
I can not imagine being in Leah’s family right now. Their daughter has already had major surgery, and still needs more.
Leah’s family, in my eyes, is beautiful. Her sisters played with her and cared for her. Leah’s mother, while worried about her daughter, fed us a large lunch. . The upstairs neighbor came down with her baby to eat with us. (Leah’s mom and the upstairs neighbor eat every meal together. They are the best of friends!). Her parents want to save their daughter, even though they know they’ll be caring for her forever. They love her. They will not give up on her.
These are some of the reasons I LOVE PLC. They love their kids and they don’t give up on them. They aren’t afraid to be advocates for a Downs Syndrome kid- so many organizations and doctors just ignore them. Who are they to deem these kids as not worth saving? AND they Followthrough. They go to homes like Leahs’ to make sure she’s eating properly and that the parents know what other avenues to pursue. They aren’t a hand-out, but a hand to help guide them and stand next to them.

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