Super Secret Club

So my roommate happens to be an amazing photographer and super cool friend, and she invited me (Wednesday and Thursday) to go to a Metrography conference. (Metrography is Iraq’s first photography agency). For the conference they brought in internationally known photographers and editors (like TIME and National Geographic).

Where was the conference?

Oh, you know, just at Amna Suraka.

The area where the conference was held was a complete 180 from the torture cells I had just seen. Yes the buildings were still covered in bullet holes, but inside was, what looked like, a mini movie theater.

Walking into the conference was like walking into the coolest place ever, where the coolest people ever were.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but just walking in you could feel the creativity and amazingness these people possess.

I had a great time being able to talk to some of the talented, inspiring photographers and observing how much time and discipline goes into their work. and maybe even for a few days being invited to sit in on their super secret cool club.


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