Ever Wonder Where All of Iraq’s Electricity Goes?

There are three types of electricity in our city: national (where everything (internet, outlets, lights) works), community (where only necessities (lights, fridge, outlets (ish) work), and none (where nothing works). Most of the time we’re on national, but lately it feels like we’re spending more and more time on community. Anyways that was just a preface to this post.

 Thursday evening some of the interns (Lydia, Adam, Ben and I) took a taxi over to Parki Azadi’s amusement park. [YESSSSSSSS THIS IS THE SAME AMUSEMENT PARK THE TOP GEAR GUYS WENT TO WHEN THE DROVE THROUGH KURDISTAN!!!!]
We rode sketchy rides, ate delicious cotton candy, and met some teenage friends.
This park is open at night and everything always seems to be working. The electricity here is never off! I think this is why I don’t get my a/c in the middle of the night or why I have to use the restroom in the dark, but after having so much fun last night I am ok with not always having electricity.
Also when we arrived home we walked into a dark, dark house. Our electrical box thing (that’s my technical term for it) blew. Sparks had come out of it and all of that jazz. So we had no electricity for the night/ morning. I blame the bumper cars.

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