7 Things I Want More Than Coffee

Iraq doesn’t have coffee. They have NesCafe, but I miss my Satellites and Starbucks and coffee dates. But I can live without coffee. These are the things I wish I had here in Iraq:

1. Dolce. I feel so bad that dogs don’t understand why people leave them- all they know is they left. I just want to hug her and sleep in the same bed as her and have her sit in my lap when I’m being all emotional. I know my parents are taking GREAT care of her (right mom and dad?), but I still miss her a lot.

2. A camera. Can you believe I forgot mine?! I still can’t. My Blackberry is doing an alright job of capturing key things, but it is no replacement for a camera. Especially because I almost never upload pics from my phone to my computer.

3. Gayle. I so very wish my little sister was here right now. I know she’s having an amazing time in East Asia and making the world more salty! I just miss her and could really use her wisdom, humor, and empathy right now. You better Skype with me when you get back! I MISS YOU and the big owl misses the little owl very much! (shout out to the tea team)!

4. My family. Korean soap operas are so popular here and every time I see Dong Yi I think of my mom and how much I just want to hug her right now. I’m so thankful that Facebook, email, and phones exist, but they are no replacement for actually sitting around the dinner table talking about each other’s day. I pray for my family and thank God that He blessed me with such a wonderful one. (thanks for all the prayers and support mom and dad)!

5. A car. I don’t mind walking to work and home, but I miss being able to sit, drive fast, and listen to loud music. It’s a lovely feeling and I miss it. I do however think that I will get pulled over here and my car taken away, so I am glad I don’t have a car in Kurdistan.

6. Green Chile. Is it weird coffee doesn’t make the list, but green chile does? I miss it on pizza, burgers, burritos, and everything else. When I get home I would LOVE it if someone would greet me with green chile pizza from Dions/ Village Pizza, red stuff from Flying Star (or the friotella), and Dolce. (*hint*hint*)

7. Shorts. I have put on pants so many days this week. I think it’s safe to say that pants will not be making an appearance from August- October. I welcome skirts, dresses, and shorts. On this note, wearing pants and long skirts aren’t bothering me so much. I respect that women here take caution in how they dress. They want to look nice, but not so nice that it’s a distraction. Or that other women think they are trying to attract men. I want to respect their way of dressing, just like they are being so helpful in my lack of knowing the language or where things are. I do, however, want to wear shorts when it’s over 100 degrees.

Obviously I couldn’t put every friend’s name on this list, but I do miss miss miss my friends. SO MUCH. I miss river time, flying star dates, photo shoots, movie nights, popcorn and cheese, DAM club, baking, tanning, Baileys, riding, music-ing, and all the other friend stuff!


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