The Night Before

God, you want me to go to Iraq?





And that’s pretty much the synopsis of how my conversation with God went about me going to Iraq for 10 weeks this summer.

I am so, ridiculously, excited to go. I cannot believe I leave tomorrow morning. I cannot believe I have a day of flying ahead of me. Going to Iraq is obviously from God because NEVER would I voluntarily fly without a sister with me. Even though my sisters are not flying with me tomorrow morning, I am so thankful that they are spending the night before I leave with me. It’s been such a needed break from over thinking this trip- to just sit, eat cookie dough, and watch a good movie with them. They know I am nervous, not because I am scared of going to a country we have so many stereotypes about, but because I don’t know if I can be of any use there (and because I love to over plan everything). These girls know me so well and I thank God, so much, that I have these amazing, encouraging women praying for me and standing beside me throughout this adventure. [These last few minutes before I go to sleep should probably be spent making sure I’ve packed everything, or creepily watching these girls sleep, but after some (over thought) contemplations I have decided to keep a blog this summer. A blog on my thoughts on Kurdistan, my reflections, experiences, the amazing works and people of Preemptive Love Coalition, new loves/ obsessions (who know maybe I’ll come back an expert on Iraqi music), and how God is working here and in me. I am excited about this new adventure, and sharing with it with you!

If you have any specific questions about my trip, Kurdistan, or Preemptive Love Coalition PLEASE feel free to ask me. 🙂


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